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Basics of Car Insurance

Flip through the basics of Car Insurance. Real Quick. Real simple!

Three Components

For simplicity lets say there are three components of Car Insurance.
1) Own Damage Cover
2) Third Party Damage Cover
3)Additional Covers

Types of Policy

Based on how what all insurance components you add in your policy, there are three types of car insurance policy.

Best Policy

1. Comprehensive with Addons

This contains all the three components
Own Damage Cover
Third Party Damage Cover
Additional Features

Zero Depreciation a.k.a Bumper to Bumper is the most commonly bought Additional Feature!

Second Best

2. Basic Comprehensive

This contains the two basic components
Own Damage Cover
Third Party Damage Cover

You are missing out on additional protection for your car. But Still a good choice.

Liability Only

3. Third Party

This contains only the Third Party Damage Cover

Not Recommended. You are missing out on Own Damage Cover and Additional features.

Ouh La!

You are now familiar with the basics of Car Insurance! Why not generate a quote?

Premium Calculation

Flip through to know how your premium is calculated!

Basic Components

The two basic components of car insurance premium calculation are :

1) Own Damage Premium
2) Third Party Premium

OD (Own Damage)

Own Damage Premium is calculated at approximately 3.04% to 3.7% of the value of your car.

The Influencing Factors are :
Age of the Vehicle, Registered Location & Cubic Capacity (CC)

Quick Tip!

It simply means that for every 1 Lac car insurance value, your OD premium would be between 3040 to 3700 INR

TP (Third Party)

Third Party Premium is calculated purely on the basis of the Cubic Capacity of your car.

Its a simple matrix
Less than 1000 CC - INR 2,055
Between 1000-1500 CC - INR 3,132
More than 1500 CC - INR 8630

Quick Tip!

Just add them!

OD Premium + TP Premium is what you will have to pay!

But hold on! Its not over.
Dont you want to know about discounts?

NCB Discounts

For every year you dont make a claim, you get a discount on the "OD premium" when you renew your policy.

The discount on OD increases every year
0% -> 20% -> 25% -> 35% ->45% -> 50%.

If you make a claim in any of the years, your NCB re-starts from 0%

Additional Discounts

Every insurance company offers an additional discount on the "OD Premium"!

This discount varies from 0% to 60%.

Choose wisely! Look for reputation and service feedbacks as well!

Additional Features

You will have to pay an additional premium for additional features you may opt for.

A classic exampe is the Zero Depreciation Add-on, known as Bumper to Bumper cover

Now Calculate!

You Total Premium is :

(OD Premium + Additional Features - NCB Discount - Additional Discount) + TP Premium

Dont worry, we are here to help you calculate it online!


No one can beat you when it comes to premium calculation!

If you generate a quote now, you may better understand the breakup!

Insurance Companies

Flip through for more info on insurance companies we are associated with!

Two Types

There are two types of Insurance Companies.

(Life Insurance Companies)
Ones that insure Life.
(General Insurance Companies)
Ones that insure Non-Life (Eg: Car, Health, Home etc)

How Many?

As on date, there are 30 General Insurance companies and 12 Life Insurance companies in India.

Click here for the list of companies.

Top General Insurers

Market share of some major General Insurance Companies

United India - 12.31%
Bajaj Allianz - 5.84%
HDFC ERGO - 4.64%
IFFCO-Tokio - 4.04%
Bharti AXA - 1.04%

Top Life Insurers

Major Life Insurance Companies

SBI Life
MAX Life
Birla Sunlife


Research on the following factors before choosing your insurer -

Service Levels | Claims Settlement Ratio | Compliant Resolution Ratio | Volume of Business | Brand Value

Check out the Public Disclosures
Life Insurers
General Insurers


Now that you have an idea about the Insurance Companies, why not see their quotes?

Must have Addons

Flip through to now about the Addons you should consider to buy!

What Matters?

Based on the age, make and model of your car, there are addons which you can include in your policy.

Note that not all Addons will be available for your car!

Some good to have addons are explained here for your reference!

Bumper to Bumper

Technically known as “Zero Depreciation”. When your car meets with an accident, this add-on pays for the replacement of the damaged parts in full. If you don’t have this add-on, you will have to pay about 30% to 50% of the claim from your pocket.

Engine Protect

Your standard car insurance covers damages to your car due to an accident, but not your engine. This add-on will pay for engine repairs if water enters your engine (due to flood, etc.), oil leakage or damages due to an accident.

NCB Protection

Each year that you do not make a claim, you get a discount called NCB (No Claim Bonus) during renewal. This add-on will preserve your accumulated NCB, even if you make a claim.

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

In the event of a breakdown on the road, this add-on arranges for towing, change of flat tyre, mechanics services or even alternate transport.

Return to Invoice

In the event of a total loss or theft of your car, this add-on pays the registration and road tax that you have paid, along the market value of your car. Whereas, a basic policy will not pay for your road tax and registration expenses.

Yo Hoo!

Congratz! Now you have all the information required to include the right addons with your policy!

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